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Anthony Guillen

My name is Anthony B. Guillen is the Certified School Social Worker at Manzanita Elementary School in the Washington Elementary School District. In addition, I am the outreach specialist for our before and after school academy program. This is my third school year as Manzanita's Social Worker. I am proud to say that I also attended elementary school and middle school in the same district. While at Manzanita, I have been able to support our vision and mission with bully prevention, social-emotional learning, and building positive relationship with students. I have prior experience working in community mental health, and inner-city youth programs. My current goal is to one day be on the board of education to advocate for at-risk youth and for equity. I have a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work from Arizona State University with a focus on children and families. My greatest accomplishment is being able to see the light in children grow full of joy while at school. I aspire to create positive change, and help students feel enough, loved, and worthy.