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Donna Jagielski

Dr. Jagielski received her doctorate from ASU in 2016 with a focus on developing real world STEM based learning opportunities for the middle school population. Being an advocate of STEM/STEAM based learning, over the years she has implemented the CSO program which was created by the SciTech Institute. This program develops student leadership skills so that middle and high school students can be STEM advocates within their schools, local and global community. Dr. Jagielski's work centers around developing innovative professional development approaches for educators at all levels from PreK - 12th grade in how to implement STEM based learning approaches to further enhance learning in core content areas such as ELA and math. Dr. Jagielski also serves on the board as secretary for AzTEA, is an ISTE certified educator, Pinal County CSO Cabinet Representative and the Chief Executive Officer and STEAM Education liaison for the Maricopa Ak-Chin STEAM Foundation.