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Dr. Nicholas C. DelSordi

Nicholas DelSordi has been an adult educator in Arizona for nearly twenty years and has taught sociology at eight different institutions of higher education, including in the correctional setting. He is currently a faculty member at Phoenix College in the Liberal Arts Department where he emphasizes service learning, community engagement and career readiness among his students. Nicholas previously worked at the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) as an Adult Program and Workforce Development Specialist while also serving on the Nineteen Tribal Nations Workforce Development Board. At ADE, Nicholas implemented Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs in both rural and urban Arizona counties. Prior to his time with ADE, Nicholas spent over a decade as a Program Supervisor in correctional education, where he developed and oversaw academic, vocational and cognitive behavioral programs designed for adult male inmates seeking rehabilitation prior to reentry. Dr. DelSordi received a B.S. in Management, an M.A. in Sociology and a Ph.D. in Sociology---all from Arizona State University. Nicholas’ goal is to ensure that students not only develop their career potential, but that they find their passion and purpose through higher education.